Yeonjoon Choi
"Start Unknown, Finish Unforgettable."

About Me

My name is Yeonjoon Choi. You can address me as Joon. I am an international student from South Korea majoring computer science at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Throughout my life, I have moved around to different locations. I was in British Columbia, Canada for three years, I was in Dover, New Hampshire in two years and I was in Georgia Tech for my first year. Then I went back to Korea to do my mandatory military service for two years. Now I am back to school to finish my college. The average relocation time is two years for me. Fortunately, though, I started to enjoy exposing myself to new environment so I appreciate my lifestyle.

As far as my major interest goes, I am interested in computing for good causes. I am fascinated by the technologies that helps improving everyday lifestyle. I am honing my skills in website development and application development ever since I found out that it is always those simplest ideas that changes the world.

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Georgia Institute of Technology

Year : Junior
Major : Computer Science Major
Expected Graduation : May 2017


Saint Thomas Aquinas High School

Gaduated Year : 2012
Major Involvements:

  • FIRST Robotics Head of Programming Team
  • Math Team Captain
  • President of International Student Club

Work Experience

College of Computing Outreach Programs

Title : Web Assistant
Start : May 2015
End : Current Work

  • Assisting in redesigning the website:
  • Used Bootstrap for the responsive design
  • Developing web database using MySQL, pure CSS Parallax design for record keeping summer camps offered by College of Computing Outreach Programs
  • Skills Used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL

Republic of Korea Army

Title : Sergeant
Start : June 2013
End : March 2015

  • Mine Installation and Removal Specialist
  • Administrative Clerk for Personnel Affairs / Financial Affairs
  • Company’s Headquarter Squadron Leader (Responsible for 90 people)
  • 2014 Incheon Asian Para Game Platoon Commander for English Translator Unit (Responsible for 27 people)

College of Computing Outreach Programs

Title : Student Assistant
Start : January 2013
End : May 2013

  • Assisted with the high school after-school outreach programs
  • Aimed to create interest in computing among high school students through introduction of basic computing concepts and completion of computer science-related projects
  • Mentored students received 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the 2013 AT&T Arduino Competition

The Appsembly

Title : Android Developer / Founding Member
Start : January 2013
End : May 2013

  • Android developer for a startup company designed to build mobile applications based on non-developers’ ideas
  • Developed and published Simple Bookshelf (Over 5000 Downloads)


Pipelined Processor

Pipelined Processor for CS 2200 - Computer Organization | Networking
This pipelined processor is designed using logisim. logisim can be downloadedhere
choi_yeonjoon.circ is the file that you will open to browse the pipelined processor that does basic functions.
test.s is the assembly code that was used to test the validity of the pipelined processor

Iron Man Homing Missile Game

Game Making Project for CS 2110 - Computer Organization & Programming
This is a game assignment that I built homing missile game.
The coding is done in C and it is run by GBA emulator


Poker Hand Simulations

Poker Hand Simulation using JavaScript - Web Design Class
This is a project I worked on to test my knowledge on javascript.
The coding is done in javascript, CSS, and HTML.

Under Construction

OS Design - Window Manager

OS Design Project - Window Manager
Using xv6, JOS, this os project involves the development of Graphical User Interface.
The coding is done mainly in C.

Under Construction

Klaus Indoor Navigation

Indoor Navigation technology comes handy when it comes to a complex building like Klaus at Georgia Tech
My team is aggressively developing both Android and iOS development of the project.
My job is an android developer. I am testing my knowledge in Android SDK and Java.